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I started my elongated coin collection when I came to America in the early 1990's. While I was in undergraduate study, I learned basic html and created the first "The Elongated Coin Collection" site on September 26, 1998. However, in 2002, the site was brought down when I went to graduate school and was busy doing various internships.

In November 2006, after every thing seemed to settle down, I decided it was time to bring "The Elongated Coin Collection" back.

In June 2007, my dear daughter Emilie was born, bringing a great happiness into my life.

As for my collection, I'm very interested in collecting any ECs related to Vietnam (see what I currently have in my collection). I also just started to collect pig ECs for Emilie who was born in the year of the Fire Pig.

We hope you enjoy your visit here.

Best wishes,
Maggie and Emilie, TEC #2289

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